Atticus is 8 months old!

Poor second child. Sporadic monthly photos, even fewer videos, hardly any blog posts waxing lyrical about the tiniest milestone or developmental leap. So sorry, son.

Atticus drooling by the window

Poor Second Child

So what can I tell you. He drools a lot. We were wondering where on earth the next tooth was, when it suddenly popped up beside his other two on the bottom front. He’s got a third tooth! And he loves gnawing on anything – fingers, bibs, telephone cords if he gets a chance, wool rugs, table legs… ANYTHING.

For the longest time, Atticus had been perfectly content to lie on his playmat and contemplate the ceiling. Attitude adopted for the previous 7 months had strongly been along the lines of, “I could roll over I suppose… but I really can’t be bothered.” Couldn’t even sit on his tushy without keeling over and face-planting from lack of effort. If he did roll over to his front, his modus operandi had been to sob pitifully into the carpet until his sister hollered at me to do something.

In the last two weeks, however, he’s suddenly decided that life outside the playmat is pretty grand. He’s finally getting mobile! Leave the room, and I might return to find him under the coffee table. Or commando-squirming towards my ankles while I’m preparing dinner. All with the sheer delight and gungho of a baby with oodles of determination and muscles, generously padded by adorable baby fat.

Atticus looking out of window

The world out there is huge! I gotta have me some.

Most of all, he’s got a great temperament and just loves to laugh. He is the quintessential Happy Bubba, determined to spread the love. Time and time again, I’ve watched him stare up into the faces of perfect strangers from his pram, just willing them to glance at him. And as soon as they do, he flashes his biggest and brightest goofy grin. And about 8 out of 10 times, said stranger turns into putty.

Atticus smiling widely


He tries the same things in the middle of the night but at 2.30am and completely sleep addled, I remain rather impervious to his charms. It helps to sit with him in the dark and not make eye contact.

But the one person who consistently cracks him up at least once a day is none other than his sister. He coos and chuckles at his daddy and me but when his sister enters the room, he turns into a fan boy.

Atticus laughing

I look like an emoticon. This one :-D

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{Monday Me} Doorstep

Sitting on my front steps

This is me, sitting on our front step. It was getting really late (almost 5pm in Winter), hence the graininess of the image. It’s been an usually wet winter, with long stretches of the kind of dank and cold that seeps into your bones. On those days, I’m especially grateful we have a nice, warm, dry house. (Not warm by any Singaporean standard, but I’ve definitely acclimatised to Canberra so an average temp of 20°c is fine by us.)

We’re preparing our house for sale. By the time we move, we will have been at this current address for ten years. It’s hard not to get sentimental about it, even as we prepare to move into an exciting new bespoke home.

I’ve been slowly taking pictures of our surrounds, views that I currently take for granted but that I know I’ll grow to miss. There’s so much development going on in the Gungahlin district, I really ought to get my butt in gear and take photos of the wide open spaces near us before all those new malls get built.

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{Thursday’s Three Thank-yous} Ye merry gentle men

I grew up without a father for most of my life, but I’ve always had several father figures. There were many to be found within the church I grew up with in Singapore, and God has this wonderful way of providing different ones at each stage of my life.

My children are deeply loved by their daddy, but they are also very blessed to grow up around other men of character. On Sunday, anticipating a mini milestone, I took my camera along so I could introduce you to some of the men in Atticus’s life.

1) Raymond

Arddun, for reasons only her young heart knows, refers to Liz as Aunty Liz but to Raymond as Mr. Ray. Even as a baby, Arddun has never been afraid of his big bushy beard and loud, hearty laugh. I still have fond memories of Arddun reaching out tentatively to pat his bristly chin like it were a curiosity. He may look a very little bit like Gimli from LOTR (or a garden gnome, depending on beard length) and in many ways, he can be just as courageous in fighting for what is right. Always generous, always opinionated, deeply in love with God, Raymond is a teddy bear.

And Atticus adores him.

Atticus and Raymond seeing eye to eye

Raymond tickling Atticus

2) Peter

Before children, I was never one of those at church who would scan the room for cuddly babies. And on looking back, I wish I had been because at the very least, I could have provided something that many mothers of young babies are always thankful for – a bit of reprieve from baby, just so they can sit down for 5 minutes with a hot cup of tea for a change.

Peter is another gentle man in Atticus’s life. He just loves children, and Atticus has been a great and ever-willing beneficiary of his cuddles and walks around the room during our Sunday morning teas. I love watching someone else light up when they see a child of mine.

Peter with Atticus

3) Mark

Mark has three children of his own, two of whom Arddun loves playing with on Sundays. Miles (the youngest), I’m eyeing off as a playmate for Atticus in the years to come.

Being a father of two boys has also called on some resourcefulness when it comes to haircuts. Thanks to YouTube, Mark has learnt to cut his own boys’ hair. And with Atticus’s own wispy baby strands now falling over his eyes, I’d called on Mark to exercise some YouTube hair-cutting wizardry.

Atticus eating arrowroot biscuit in highchair

Arrowroot biscuits, a fabulous distraction for a first-ever haircut!





Atticus's face getting squished during haircut


Atticus with Mark

A handsome result. Thank you, Uncle Mark, for taming my unruly baby locks! Can you YouTube how to build a cubby house next?

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{Monday Me} New home office

We’ve just had a month off school, so Arddun was back in school today while I caught up with housework and house building errands. Atticus had thankfully gone down for a longish nap, which allowed me to work out of my new “home office”.

Before Atticus, the guest room doubled up as my home office (the other way around, really), but ever since he and his cot moved into the guest room, I’ve found myself spreading out in our bedroom – the furthest room from his – so I can put my Secretary’s hat on, and make those phonecalls.

Home office in master bedroom

Scheduling the fortnight’s appointments with tradespeople, cleaners, and babysitters. We’re working up to crunch time!

If I’m looking sleepy in that pic, it’s because I was.

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